Observatory Directions

The observatory is a silo-shaped building located at UNH on Spinney Lane off the Mast Road Extension in Durham near the Old Durham Reservoir. To view directions, click either from UNH or Concord text located below. From Concord will guide you as if you are coming from the West and getting off of Route 4 onto Main St. From UNH will guide you if you are coming from campus and heading West towards 155A and Route 4. Bring binoculars if you have them, and dress appropriately, preferably in layers. During the summer months you should be prepared to meet insects as well. Most importantly, bring your curiosity and your questions!

For those that don't know this area of UNH too well:

Click here to view the topo map

Topo Maps

This is a map from the Topo Maps program. It contained the precise position of each pixel on earth as well as the height above sea level! By clicking on the text above, you'll go to the topozone program which will show our coordinates as well as allow you to view other areas.

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Google Maps

If you click on the icon, it will enlarge the map taken from google with a superimposed dome on the map to show the location of the observatory. If you click on the text above, it will bring you to the adjustable google map.